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The new trend in the event of difficulties! Automatic Vending Machine of 24Hrs Brand will give the stock management software along with Payment Gateway Supporting feature!! App, Website and Vending Machine Software!! View from any where!!

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eClouds started their operation in 2006 and have grown from strength to strength in the last one and a half decade of its existence. eClouds has offered softwares for ATMs, Vehicle Parking Lots, Energy Sector and eClouds Group has more than 150 customers!!

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eClouds offers two major product lines. One, security and parking solution. We are currently helping residential complexes, malls, movie theaters and others to manage their parking facilities optimally. ZoomThru avoids queues at the boom gates by automating both personnel recognition as well as payments. No stopping anywhere! In addition, the same App works across multiple locations making working all the easier

Featured Product – ZoomThru - BlueTooth enabled quick parking solution, integrated with an online payment mechanism. Just pass through the boom barriers with no stoppage! Contact Us for more information on our product.