Hurried decisions. Harried customers. Decisions that make people to go around in circles. Causes immense discomfort to your customers.

How many companies in this world are capable of threatening their customers to submission? Invariably, most of such companies will lose their customer whom they threatened.

But in the case of a monopolistic government led company such as TANGEDCO, we are forced to crawl. Luckily we still have a semblance of justice in the form of the court. The court upheld what is relevant and ensured that TANGEDCO withdraw what was its day dream.

TANGEDCO wanted to evaluate whether their so called Group Captive Consumers are abiding by the rule of law. Nothing wrong there.

What were wrong was the timing? They served the notice for documents dated 27 Mar 2017 but physically reaching the parties on 7 or 8 April 2017. The deadline for submission was 10 April 2017.

Instead of making it a formal and routine check-up, they made it once again into a farce.

The court gave a clear verdict. Yes, you have the right to check but you do not have the right to charge Cross Subsidy.

The entire exercise by TANGEDCO became a farce once again.

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