What is the purpose of this site?

eClouds represents various Independent Power Producers (IPPs). Our IPPs have more than 1000 MW of power production capacity. This includes thermal, wind and solar power sources. Power is given to consumers under bilateral agreements (third party power sale) and group captive power purchase option.

eClouds is for providing long term contracts at fixed prices for the contract term. Normally, these long term contracts work for a minimum of one year to a maximum of 15 years. Standard contracts with thermal power plants are for one year duration. For wind and solar, these are signed for three year terms. Longer terms with appropriate escalation clauses can also be obtained.

The contracts are transparent and you get the best price for the power. Power buyers and sellers directly sign off the contract. You directly communicate to the power generator or the consumer, of course, through us. The operation is transparent and the cost of the site is covered by either of the parties for a very nominal charge. You agree to pay a small service charge amounting to 1% of the invoice value. This will be separately billed to you by eClouds and is directly paid to us by you.

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