Chat with Your Dealer Directly!!

eClouds gives you the platform to chat with your buyer or seller when you make the deal!!
We give you provisions to send messages and document in this chat!!
Please read the post on how to effectively use the chat system created by eClouds:

  • After finishing the initial stages of viewing the offer and understanding the offer, you can make use of the chat section to discuss about your queries with the concerned dealer.
  • The figure below describes the chat section and this section is basically one-one conversation between the seller and the buyer which is moderated by eClouds admin.

  • Here the dealer can upload all the documents relevant to the company details and the offer details to other party (This will be screened by eClouds admin).
  • The identification of either party is kept hidden.

  • Font color can be changed according to your preference.
  • You can make your unique or important statement by identifying using bold or italics.

  • Each dealer can communicate with different parties so you can make over your chat history using unique reference id or through the column of history.
  • All chats will be accompanied with time.

All your negotiations can be made easily through this chat.

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