eClouds is neither a Power Trader nor an Exchange online / offline. eClouds is a service provider to the generators and consumers of power; helping them sell their power or buy required power directly from or to the respective parties. eClouds unequivocally, declares that we are an Aggregator of power generators and Power consumers and in no way are bound by the rules and laws governing them or the power traders. We do not bill any sale of power nor contract to supply power.

The persons enrolling themselves as members or clients of eClouds shall do so after satisfying themselves of all the commercial aspects including the fees and charges levied under the terms and conditions mentioned herein. eClouds has taken all precautions possible to evaluate the members of this site, as is general practice to do the same. However, eClouds is not responsible for non-performance of any of the parties. Please note that the members will be executing direct contracts between themselves for any of the transactions between them. And if any recourse is taken, then the same shall be under such a contract which shall explicitly cover the parties to that agreement and not eClouds. eClouds is a service provider for the increased performance of their members. And eClouds is not liable for any losses sustained by the members either directly or indirectly, due to supply or non-supply of power or due to any activity directly connected with this web site or otherwise. Further, eClouds is not liable for the performance of any of its members that might happen on or off this website.