Power Mix For the Renewable Era

Power Mix For the Renewable Era,

Power Business made a beginning in India during the British reign, of course. They have grown from those days of IC engine based power generation to a time when we have numerable power sources to meet our needs.

Natural Gas makes noticeable growth. Coal and petroleum is seeing a downward trend in countries across the world.

United States uses a mix of energy sources which is grouped general categories such as primary,secondary,renewable ,non-renewable and fossil fuels.Domestic energy production is equal to about 90 % of U.S power consumption.Fossil Fuels have dominated U.S energy for more than 100 years ,but the mix has changed over time.

The electricity system is undergoing a period of significant change as transition from large conventional fossil fuel dominated generation mix to intermittent renewable generation. Over the past few years, we have seen a marked increase in output from wind and solar farms. The share of electricity from gas increased and from coal decreased.

Energy Mix was planned to provide electricity at the lowest cost with respect to power and energy balance, technical and environmental constraints and political decisions. However, the European Union has decided to tighten the new goals of power industry.

As a consequence, long term energy mix optimisation cannot rely on the fossil fuel supplies alone. This focuses on linking energy mix optimisation with requirement of adequate power system flexibility.