(Wind producers to get some slack as state plans to help centrally auctioned projects)

Developers being helped with land acquisitions for only projects bid out by the state’s own discom, GUVNL(Gujarat Urja Vikas Nigam Limited) had put many wind producers into a bad spot. Now, with a new order, the State plans to help centrally auctioned projects too.

The new order states “companies who have wind bids invited either by GUVNL or SECI(Solar Energy Corporation of India) or other agencies of Government of India, supported by a letter to that effect from GEDA(Gujarat Energy Development Agency), should be allotted land.”

Some authorities state that preference should be given to the projects auctioned by State since the power generated is to be consumed by the state. This had left many SECI projects out of the 7,000 MW auctioned by SECI last year.

SECI is the nodal agency under the ministry of new and renewable energy for conducting wind and solar auctions.

The inclusion of SECI in the committee was necessary as for the last few months Gujarat had been reluctant on leasing land to projects auctioned by SECI while at the same time leasing it to projects sanctioned by GUVNL.

Recently there have been amends of land policy for renewable energy projects stating that projects are to be commissioned in predefined locations within wind-solar hybrid parks, but industries are still unclear about the land allocation sites.


eClouds Energy Wind Power

Wind power Proposal Sheet – Group captive ( HT CONSUMER ONLY )


Terms for power purchase


  1. The Energy contracted sale price is Rs.5.90- Rs.6.00-/-per unit. ( All Inclusive including Gen Tax + eClouds Energy LLP service charge(GST18%extra))

2.      When the Tamil Nadu Government revises the tariff, our tariff will also be revised at 50% of the revision to our account and any increase open access charges will also be revised at 50% to our account. Example: If the tariff is revised by Re 1.00 then the base tariff will go up by Re 0.50


  1. This agreement is for a minimum period of 3 years with an appropriate exit clause. Contract can be closed at the end of the banking period only. Three months’ notice period is required for closure.
  2. The energy supply will be from April to MARCH of the financial year. For new consumers, who are starting after April, pro-rata annual consumption is applicable.
  3. In order to be a group captive concern the CONSUMER has to invest in shares. Shares will be issued and the CONSUMER shall retain it till the PPA‘s expiry. Exact amount of share will be provided once we received the confirmation letter from your end.
  4. Advance payment/BG for 45 days energy consumption is to be provided as payment security.
  5. All TNEB claims like generation related expenses shall be paid by the generation company (Banking, Wheeling, System operating charges, Self Generation charges, meter reading charges, Rkvarh charges).
  6. At the expiry of the PPA, the shares can only be sold to the seller of power or to the entity indicated by the seller. Normally, a new buyer of power will take the shares from the current buyer after paying the share price. Obviously, no power seller would allow the shares of their company to lie with another party since that dilutes their hold on the Power Producing Company.
  7. The price of share will be at par or at a price fixed by their auditors of the power selling company. However, selling price will be the same as the buying price of shares. No gain or loss out of the shares will be to the account of the consumer.
  8. No dividend will accrue out of the shares held by the consumers. The share holding is primarily for purchase of power.
  9. A share holder agreement (SHA) will be executed between the buyer and seller covering all of these points.
  10. Billing will be done by the generation company at the beginning of every month immediately on receipt of power allocation statement from TANGEDCO. Payment needs to be done within the next seven days. (This would normally be 10th of every month).
  11. Buyer and Seller will be signing a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) to cover all of these terms of operation.
  12. eClouds Energy LLP Facilitation Fees :An advance of Rs.25,000 is payable along with the order confirmation letter.
  13. The above amount will be refunded only at the time of terminating the contract.
  14. eClouds Energy LLP facilitation fees will be separately billed to you as service charges and is payable to eClouds Energy LLP. GST will be extra. The price indicated above includes our facilitation charges as well.

For all these jobs, we would take approximately 45 days to complete from the date of signing of PPA from you.