How this site works?

How do I register? / Registration

Every eClouds customer has to register before making use of the site. As a valid user of the site, you expect everyone to be like you. You would like to have a safe working environment. You would require a seller or a consumer who is a serious seller or a consumer. You certainly do not want to handle those people who are not serious business persons.

Well, we do not want to either.

Therefore, we ask a number of pertinent questions to ensure that everyone who comes into the website are really serious users. And, obviously, you cannot be anonymous to eClouds. We need to know you. And you need to know all the terms and conditions and how to work within this website, if you want to make full use of it. Of course, we are there to help you do it comfortably.

Please register. Click here to register.

Please fill in all of the data that is being asked in the registration form. We will require an Identity proof and an address proof to ensure that you are who you are. We do not want to have any impersonations happening. We are sure you will agree.

Proof of Identity

We would require any of the following identity proofs and address proofs for validating your address and identity.

  1. Pan Card – Mandatory
  2. Pan Card of company – Mandatory.
  3. One of the following: Driving license with address, Passport with address, company registration paper with address.

Consumers and generators might have specific requirements for validation and for processing the lining up of power. For these purposes, they might ask for more papers from you. You will see that in the list of documents required after completion of contract or Power Purchase Agreement.


You can be a Free Member. If you are a free member, you can see the offers and needs of members like you. If you are a consumer, you can only see the suppliers who are offering power in line with your needs. If you are a seller of power (generator), you will see only the consumers who match closely your specifications.

But you cannot make any counter offers to them. You will be seeing them but not closing any order. If you want to place orders or close your own requirement then you will have to be a full member.

A Full Member is one who has registered and paid a base amount of Rs.10,000/- (Rupees Ten thousand only) towards membership / service charges. This amount goes to eClouds and will lie with them until you leave. When you leave, this will be either refunded or will be adjusted against your last dues that you might have to settle with eClouds.

A Full Member can access all of the features on this website. He can respond to needs, offers and can also take part in all discussions on the forum board. He can also start a new stream of discussion, consult experts in the area for their opinion. Obviously, once you buy or sell power through this site, the site software helps you with all accounting, documentation and payments as well.


In order to complete your registration, you will be requested to choose either of the two memberships that are available. You can choose to be a Free Member or a Full Member. A Full Member has to pay Rs.10,000/- online to eClouds.

A Full Member can access all of the features available on this web site. Please see Membership details for more information.