Your privacy is important to us and protecting your information is paramount in our business policies.

We collect only relevant information in order to ensure that you are a committed business person and to ensure that you mean serious business.

Information given by you is collected only by lawful and fair means and only with your consent. All information is taken from you. We do not take or use any tracking software or any other software to identify your interest elsewhere or in eClouds.

  1. We do not lodge or install any software in any form, cookies, or routines on to your device.
  2. We do not share your information with any other company or business partially or fully. Except under legal requirement, we do not and will not share your information with anyone.
  3. We share your information with other clients who could be sellers or buyers based on your information as to whom it has to be shared. Under your permission we will send information to other parties in our group so that trade between the two parties may happen. Without your electronic consent no such sharing of information would take place.
  4. Our website is 256 bit encrypted database and software. We will ensure adequate protection from hacking or illegal break in for data.