Purpose of the Site

Every visitor to the site can choose to be either a consumer or a generator. If you are a consumer, then you may please choose the Buyer option while registering your name and choose the Seller option if you are a Generator of power. Registration is a must in order to make use of the site to its entirety. See how do I register?

Let us consider that you are selling power.

You have two options. One, you may place a bid and then wait for buyers to respond. We have two thousand clicks every day at our site. The wait will not be long. Two, you may look up the bids placed by the buyers and see if any of them is satisfactory for your requirements.

If you find any of them interesting all that you have to do is, select the chat option in the bid and directly converse with the Buyer if he is online. If not leave message and a convenient time for conversing and deciding on the contract.

You may also send a message to eClouds support team right there asking for more details of the buyer which could also be provided by eClouds team. Please note, we normally do not divulge the names and contact details of the buyer to you before finalizing the terms. And we do not expect you to share contact information with the buyer / seller

The same is valid if you want to buy power.

You will have two options. One, to place a bid and then wait for sellers to respond to your bid. Two, you may look up seller bids and see which of them meets your requirements. Choose the one that you want and talk directly to the Seller using our chat feature and finalize your terms and conditions.

You may also ask for seller terms and conditions from the eClouds Support team who will happily provide you with the term sheet.

Finalize the terms and place the order. Your search for power is over, sitting at your desk.

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