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Sale of Power

We help you sell your power from any of your power plants. Be it, wind, thermal, solar or biomass.

Purchase of Power:

We help you buy power to meet your needs from any of the available power plants. Be it, wind, therma

Specialty services

For special services related to power sale and purchase

Latest News

Vietnam Power sector needs $150 bln boost by 2030 - World bank official

HANOI, Nov 27 (Reuters) - Power-hungry Vietnam, one of Asia’s fastest-growing economies and a production hub for global companies such as Samsung El

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eClouds Energy LLP

eClouds is now eClouds Energy LLP

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DGAD ends solar dumping probe,

BENGALURU: The Directorate General of Anti Dumping and Allied Duties (DGAD) has officially terminated its investigation into charges of dumping of sol

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