The Company

eClouds Energy,

A USD 2 million company, is in the business of Energy related services.Our strong Power Plant and industry exposure has helped us provide value to our clients in terms of the following: Supplying much needed energy, helping industries to conserve energy thereby reduce their energy foot print, work as owners engineers in reducing their carbon footprint and increasing their self reliance in energy.

We coordinate and supply energy from various power sources, particularly, from Renewable Energy spectrum. We help the generators to identify best of consumers, help them line up power by coordinating with approval agencies and DisComs. Help them bill consumers and collect the amount on behalf of the generators, every time, on time.

We help our customers in a three-step approach plan to reduce energy expenditure and increase their productivity. We use a copyrighted (pending) ERP bridge to bring data from production to commercial, enhancing increased monitoring and quick fault clearance. This also ensures resilience in production as well as on time deliveries at the customer end.

eClouds is known for its commitment to customers who number to over 150 in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, India. Though our services are currently restricted to this region, we are catering to the needs of clients all over India. Our personnel amply leverage our strengths in Cloud data handling to service customers quickly and provide 24 x 7 availability.


Our Mission is To Provide Quality Service at a Reasonable Cost.


The company will be a socially minded business. Profit through appropriate service.


Energy is a perennial need. Every industry is badly in need of energy that will power their production. Our long exposure of over 20 years, in the power industry has helped us understand the power business in India.

This appreciation of the facts, understanding of the rules and processes to execute and meet our needs through the Government organizations and DisComs is made easy by our constant endeavors. We improvise working methodologies to suit the need at the ground level. At the same time, ensure that the jobs are done systematically and professionally. We are the ‘bridge’ between unbridled work and
systematic performance.

We provide the industry with energy that it needs to run seamlessly. Within the available framework of the law, we provide power to our clients. This comes from various sources: Conventional sources such Thermal as well as renewable sources such as wind, biomass, solar and hydro.

We are supplying power to nearly one hundred twenty industries in Tamil Nadu amounting to over 150 MW of wind power, 65MW of Solar and about 10 MW on thermal / biomass power. Every year we sell nearly 200 million kilowatt hours of power to them.


We undertake industry specific energy conservation studies that would improve the energy footprint of the client. We work from ground-up to understand and to assimilate the client requirements for energy.

In order to do this effectively, we undertake a three step process at every client location:

  • Clean Systems: We study the client company and list out methodologies to save energy without any investment from the company. This is a welcome step, which every company looks forward to. The end result by doing this C&S procedure is that most companies end up saving anywhere between 3 and 10% of their energy consumption by doing these simple but yet systematic work.
  • Monitoring Systems: Simple monitoring mechanisms are inbuilt into the production process. This will ensure that every variation in the production process is identified and corrected. Second, any untoward failure is monitored and forecasted wherever possible, resulting in preventive maintenance in lieu of the break down maintenance.
  • System Maintenance: Maintaining the laid down systems is one of the most important activity that needs to be carried out. It is easy to lay down the rules of the game and begin a process. However, over a period of time the systems once more deteriorate to a situation where the energy losses recur. In order to avoid the inefficiency from creeping back in, we lay down systems and install maintenance mechanisms.

In our consulting process, we ensure that these three steps are closely adhered to and thereby bring in clear results to the client. We are currently working on two beta sites where the process is being implemented and results are being demonstrated.


  • A strong manpower comprising of over 20 technically qualified, skilled and well
    trained engineers who spearhead this consulting process.
  • Together we have over 100 man years of experience at various power plants, process industries, engineering industries and others.
  • We have studied and worked on varied categories of industries thereby understanding and appreciating the failures and the reasons behind them.
  • We are equipped with the right software for failure monitoring, for preventive
    maintenance and for continuous monitoring of the performance of the equipment in the factory.
  • A strong marketing team with a support team to take care of all billing and collection for power sellers and coordination team for liaison work with Government agencies ensures timely completion of power related work.

Our Team:

Mr. R. Shantha Kumar ,

An Engineer with a post graduation in Management, he has over 30 years of experience in the field of process automation, ITES, Software and education. He has been at the helm of the affairs of a number of companies including multi-national enterprises. Now, he heads the team at eClouds as its Chief Executive Officer. He is a Chartered Engineer under the Institution of Engineers and has been a guiding light for the company since its inception in 2006. His experience in power plants and his vast contacts across the world has helped us strengthen ourselves and stabilise our business quickly.

Mr. S. Subramanian,

He is an engineering graduate with over 36 years in the field. He has been with eClouds for more than 8 year. He is a Manager in Marketing and lining up of Thermal Power.

Mr. G. Shankar,

Diploma in Engineering with over 13 years in the field. He has been with eClouds for more than 8 years. He is a Manager in Marketing and lining up Solar Power and Provide Support to the Customer.

Mr. T. Poorneswaran,

He is an engineering graduate with more than 4.5 years of experience. He has been with eClouds for more than 3 years. He is a Manager in Marketing and lining up Wind Power and Provide Support to the Customer.