The Company

eClouds today is a full fledged service provider in handling energy. We help both the consumers and the power generators to maximise their contribution to the bottom line by optimising energy charges as well as consumption.

We help the generators to sell their power at the best available market rates and the consumers to buy power, again, at the best available market rates. At either of the ends, better net realisation is the impact of signing on to eClouds.

In case of the Generators, we ensure that the up time of the generating station is dependent more on the maintenance planning than on load backing down. This results in higher Plant Load Factor and therefore, better working results at the best competitive rate per kWh.

For the consumers on the other hand, we bring to their door step a major relief in power supply. We ensure that they get all the power they require. We also bring renewables as well as thermal sources, ensuring that their base load as well as peak load is addressed. In addition, this also ensures that all their obligations as slated by the Electricity Regulatory Commissions of that state is fulfilled.


eClouds would provide power when the consumer needs.


eClouds aspires to be a player in Energy business, strengthened by technology and augmented by committed people and strong processes. eClouds would bring smiles on the faces and happiness in the hearts of all of their clients.