The Online Mantra!

Many things in this world are going online!

Life will soon be online! In all respects, probably! There are many people, who earn their living from an online work. Be it trading, writing content, selling products online, providing services online! Stay at home and lead your life has become a reality over time.

Last time when I was in London, I had the opportunity to check how the power supplies to houses were really happening out there!

It is an open market.

When I say open market, the demarcation between the transmission company, the generating company, the distribution company and the consumer is all well laid out. A transmission company is just that and cannot be a generating company. Of course, the same company may have interest in the generation and may have an entity that is generating power.

But then, since these entities are independent, power sale, carrying the cost of power, wheeling and transmission are all well laid out. So much so, that you can buy power for your home from different sources; from different generators. You will pay a carrying cost to the distribution company! And this is existing in the UK for the last two decades! In the US and Canada, since the invention of electricity, power sale from private sources have been well regulated and organized.

In India, we are about two decades behind them when it comes to power market!

We cannot buy power if we are an LT consumer, even if you are an industry. You have no option to choose your supply voltage! We have an electricity market that is regulated to favor government utilities rather than to favor consumers.

Under these conditions, it is only right that we find some way to open up the power market within the guidelines laid by the Electricity Act, its Rules and Regulations.

Currently, a number of HT consumers are procuring power from the open market. But there is still a large number of consumers who are not using even the available leeway in the regulations, to optimize the cost of power.

To help those people and to ease out procurement related issues, eClouds has brought out a website. The website will ease the vagueness in the power business. Questions such as, what is the market price? What will be my landed cost at my bus-bar? And to what extent am I compliant? Numerous other questions are not only answered but also closely followed and regulatory compliance is also strictly adhered to on the website.

You will find all the generators at one place and can communicate directly with them, online! Get the deal that you want!

So, for all Long Term contracts in power purchase, should be your destination.

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